Addnorth ESD PETG - Simplify3D Profile for MANU E1 has been released

:information_source: PETG profile can be also used for ESD Profile (for Addnorth).

ESD PETG from Addnorth - Simplify3D Profile for MANU E1 has been released

  • Conductive material based on PETG
  • Protects against electronic discharges
  • Suitable for electronic casings

Simplify3D Profile can be downloaded from here :point_down:

Others Info (Requirements)

  1. Hotend with Brass Nozzles
    (that’s come with the purchase of the printer and spare can be purchased from us)
  2. Polycarbonate (PC) build plate - 6mm
    (it can be purchased from us)

If the material is dry enough, it will definitely improve print quality (eg. very less Stringing / clean prints)

About ESD PETG from Addnorth

ESD-PETG is a conductive filament based on our PETG that protects against electrostatic discharges. This is very useful when printing parts that come in contact with sensitive electronics, which could be damaged by static electricity.

ESD-PETG comes with almost the same material properties as our regular PETG. It has high wear and chemical resistance, high UV-resistance and medium hygroscopic properties, which means it is moderately sensitive to moisture and needs drying if exposed to normal room humidity for an extended period of time.

Typical applications include: HDD components, casings, connectors, jigs, wafer handling and conveying.

Target resistivity is 10^6-10^9Ohm-cm.

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