Fixes: Nozzle too close to the Build Plate


It is quite a communal problem users can have in the 1st layer.

Example - 1st layer / nozzle too close to the Build Plate and this will prevent material coming out of the nozzle or pushing too much materials in the 1st layer.

To resolve this issue all the hot-end packages assembled at our workshop are assembled in the jigs and are factory calibrated which should work normally.

Still users are recommended to check the Z-Probe values as shown in the screenshot if they’re having issues.

What causes this issue?

  • Re-assembling the hot-end packages on your own meaning which loses its references
  • Changing the nozzle on your own (without jigs)
  • Faulty hot-end package (mistakes can also happen from our side, in that case please get in touch with us).

How to resolve this issue?

  • Go to config.g as shown in the screenshot and check the Z-Probe value Z1.92 is the default / recommended value.
  • Get in touch with us and we will help you out.
    • Please send us a config.g screenshot with those values (readable) and the pictures of the hot-end.
    • Please share more info if you have any


Instruction on how to go to config.g - please follow the link here.

Here is an example video (when the Nozzle is too close to the Build Plate).

This video was sent by one of our customers…

We have explained how to fix these types of issues on our forum site

FYI: On his printer, the issue was on the config.g