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Looking for Mehta Heino’s Logo, Product Photos, Team Photos?

Please click the link below (Dropbox link) :point_down:

Screenshot - Folder inside it (maybe it is helpful to navigate the files that you’re looking for)

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Brand Guide Font for Mehta Heino Industries

Adobe Font was used in the Brand Guide

  1. Rigid Square -
  2. Acumin Pro Wide -

For Google Docs, here are the recommended fonts

  1. Albert Sans -
  2. Poppins -
  3. Source Sans Pro -
  4. IBM Plex Sans -
  5. Chivo -

Mono Fonts (for code)

  1. Source Code Pro -
  2. IBM Plex Mono -

About Fonts, we aren’t restricted, getting the work done is more important.

Last updated on 2023-03-30T19:06:00Z

At work, Google Docs is recommended to use.

FYI: Google Docs can be also created on Dropbox (for internal team).

@isantoshmehta: I found this video long back… and for me it makes sense.