Start and End - G-code from Simplify3D for MANU-E1

This script was copied from ANPE 10.01 S3D - simplify3d profile by @suryabhandari 2023-03-30T11:38:00Z

Starting Script

M83                                                 ;relative extrusion mode

;Pressure advances
M572 D0 S0.05                                       ;Pressure advance enabled 0.04
M400                                                ; Finish all current moves and for pressure advances.

;Wipe nozzle before printing
G1 Z10 F1200			                            ;Go to wipe position
G1 X20 Y165 F6000 		                            ; Go to wipe position
G1 Z0.2 F1200			                            ;Go to wipe height
G91			                                        ; relative movement for wipe extrusion
G1 E10.0 F300		                                ; Extrude 10mm for wipe
M400			                                    ; wait for moves to finishng
G90			                                        ; world coordinate position
G92 E0			                                    ; zero extruder
G4 S1			                                    ; wait for wipe to drop
G1 Y140.0 E1 F900	                                ; Move on bed wipe the nozzle

Ending Script

G28 Z0	                                            ;Home Z
G91	                                                ;Relative movement for wipe extrusion
G1 E-2.0 F120	                                    ;Extrude 10mm for wipe
M400	                                            ;wait for moves to finishing
G90	                                                ;world coordinate position
G92 E0	                                            ;zero extruder

G28	                                                ;Home
M104 S0	                                            ;Set Extruder Temperature
M140 S0	                                            ;Set Bed Temperature (Fast) or Configure Bed Heater
G90	                                                ;Set to Absolute Positioning
M18 X Z E0	                                        ;Disable XZE stepper motors
G1 Y145 F3000	                                    ;Move
G92 E0	                                            ;Set position
M107	                                            ;Fan off
M18 Y	                                            ;Disable Y stepper motor

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