Step -1 Unboxing and getting the printer ready

Getting started with MANU Easy 3D Printer

Opening the cardboard box

After receiving the package, make sure that you are opening the box the correct way. There are shipping labels and a warning sticker on the package. Place the package on the floor and cut open the tape on the top. The package contains on top all the accessories, and below them, the printer.

Included in the box

  1. Power supply

  2. Extra Hot-end package

  3. Power cord

  4. Bowden tube

  5. Spool holder

  6. Stylus (Can be used to operate the touch screen more easily)

  7. Hex key set

    • 1.5mm
    • 2mm
    • 2.5mm
    • 3mm (used to remove fan cover and hot-end)
  8. Side Cutters (Used to clean the filament (end of spool) and clean support materials from the printed parts)

  9. Spatula set (Used to remove printed parts & cleaning the build plate)

  10. Brush set

    • Nylon brush: cleaning extruder motor gear and inside the machine
    • Brass brush (Black): Cleaning nozzle in normal cases. Cleaning extruder gear in difficult cases.
    • Stainless steel brush (Grey color): Cleaning nozzle in difficult cases.
  11. Two build plates (The standard Manu Easy Acrylic Build Plate suitable for printing PLA filament)

    1. Top plate
      • Recommended to use to keep the machine more warm and stable during printing

Two spools of PLA filament (diameter 1.75mm)

Opening the first layer of the box

  1. Collect the accessories.
  2. Lift out the top cover foam.

Lift out the printer

The printer frame has packaging foam with cutouts [1.] carry handle holes [2.],
and the area from where it’s possible to grab the machine and pull it out without
pulling out the foam pieces [3.].
It’s recommended to have two people to help with lifting out as it weighs close to

Install the top cover and the bowden tube.

  1. Place the top cover on the top of the printer. It helps to stabilize the print
    temperature and improves print quality.
  2. Install the bowden tube into the quick connector hole at the side of the printer.
  3. Install the bowden tube on the extruder arm inside the printer.

Install the filament spool

  1. Thread the spool holder by hand into the designated hole with medium tightness.
  2. Place a filament spool on the filament holder so that the filament can make its way safely from the spool to the inlet.
  3. Make sure the rotation side is as pictured because it is very important that the spool unwinds freely without twisting.
  4. Push the filament into the tube as far as it can go freely.

Connecting power

  1. Connect your power plug to the receptacle, ensuring the flat side faces the back of the printer.
  2. Press the power switch to turn on the machine.
  3. To turn off the power, simply press the switch to the off-position.
  4. To remove the power plug, make sure to pull it from the connector frame, not from the wire (it has a strain relief safety lock).

Next steps

Now that the printer is powered up, we are ready to use the touchscreen to set up Wi-Fi and load the filament (follow the next steps).